Darren Allen, Golden Mean Landscapes, Burlington, ON

Southbrook helped us plan strategically and come up with actions items to move the business forward. 

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Challenged what I thought was important, and focused our efforts on what was needed given the size of our firm and where we wanted to get too.  Nathan’s strength lies in showing owners how increase productivity and the overall fiscal health of the business. Thank you Nathan for your commitment and aid in helping our firm improve the type of company we are and strive to be.

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Tim Sieders, Mapleridge Landscapes Ltd., Ancaster, ON

Nathan Helder from Southbrook Consulting is a dedicated professional in all business he is involved in. As a client I can always expect attention to detail and the right questions to build up my knowledge of my own business and numbers.

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The accountability of a consultant like Nathan is such a valuable asset to my growing business, and he takes this role very seriously. The investment level of his services is always fair and worth every penny. I have grown to be more comfortable assessing my business and strategic goals with Nathan’s leadership and guidance. I would recommend Southbrook Consulting to any business owner, specifically those in the landscape industry.

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Glenn Curtis, Plantenance Landscape Group, Montreal, QC

“Great value, Nathan is passionate in seeing us become successful and goes above and beyond.”

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Why did you hire Southbrook Consulting?
  • I needed help staying focused and help understanding what the important things are to be successful, and help with accountability;
  • I wanted a consultant/coach that was active in business and industry leader;
  • I wanted to be challenged and could provide clarity;
  • Nathan’s willingness to share best practices;
  • Felt that Nathan would like to see things improve;
  • Felt comfortable with Nathan.
What have you gained?
  • knowledge of how to stay focused on the details;
  • more confidence;
  • direction, clarity and strategy;
  • the tools to be successful;
  • a knowledge that accountability will lead to success;
  • building on strengths is more beneficial than focusing on peoples weaknesses.
Why would you recommend Southbrook?
  • Nathan “lives the culture”, “is not afraid to admit that he has made mistakes” and “will work with his clients by providing follow up and accountability, not like past consultants that try to sell a program or a fix”;
  • “Great value, Nathan is passionate in seeing us become successful and goes above and beyond”.
Who would benefit from Southbrook Consulting?
  • Green Industry business;
  • Been in business for 5+ years;
  • Someone who is willing to be open, transparent and be challenged to think differently.

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John Larsen, Garden City Groundskeeping Services Ltd., Mississauga, ON

“Your sharing and relating has offered confidence and trust building. Sharing stories, has caused the light bulb to go on and recognize issues; that I should be dealing with as well.”

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Why did you hire Southbrook Consulting?

When I heard that you were offering Southbrook, it knew would be the answer. We operate similar businesses, I thought that you would know what the problems were and we could relate.

We had spoken before about driveway clearing, and, I noticed you at the Landscape Ontario Congress and other venues. Presence at these functions was important in the fact that you were out there and reachable.

After our first meeting and your no nonsense viewpoint, I had to own up to the observations that you made. You caused me to realize that although I had rationalized this expense, I could or should change, and do without it.

What have you gained?

It was like a great weight was lifted, when you realize by simple adjustments you can save $10,000 per month.

Lean and mean is the way to go, I had a more comfortable stance before and had been paying for it for several years.

Your sharing and relating has offered confidence and trust building. Sharing stories, has caused the light bulb to go on and recognize issues; that I should be dealing with as well.

With written down goals, that are actually reviewed… and to see that achievements, have been made gives inspiration and hope. No blowing smoke, real Metrics!

The result, is providing a map, and a way to recognize and adjust, which is learned and open for discussion.

You offered, and ran meetings, and we have enjoyed the group discussions, learned a little about each of our office personalities, and how we tick. We are working together towards goals, which we all agreed on.

Having, and being ready for a financial review with you, forces me to look at my business statements and queries always pop up that are questionable, and change them!

Why would you recommend Southbrook?

All business small or large, questioning the reason they are, where they are, will benefit in having trained, objective, eyes on their business – really the only difference is only a zero or two.

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